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We Design & Create Corporate Gift Baskets.

Expressing appreciation for your customers, clients, and colleagues is a key element in building and maintaining good business relationships.  That's where we come in. Simply Yours Gifts & Specialty Baskets.


Show Them You Care

We create memorable gifts that assist you in connecting with the people you appreciate the most.


for the home gifts + Baskets

Perfect gift options for Property Managers, Luxury Apartments and Realtors.


food/snack gifts + Baskets

Perfect gift options for customers, clients, and collegues to show them that you care!


holiday/specials gifts + Baskets

Need a special gift for the holidays? Check out our holiday options + any specials we have!


About Us:

Appreciation is good business, plain and simple. Simply Yours Gifts & Specialty Baskets helps business owners and professionals like you express appreciation for your customers, clients and colleagues. 

We believe that the key element to maintaining good business relationships is connection and appreciation, especially when you are a  business that deals in renewals, referrals and sales.

We help you build those relationships you need by creating special & memorable gifts.

"We use Simply Yours Gifts and Specialty Baskets every year for Christmas, Naget is able to handle the order of over 200 clients for us with no issue at all. Our clients love it, actually one year I forgot to add a few clients to the list, and well they were not happy. They remembered the baskets from the year before and called me to let me know. Then well as you would expect we made sure to get them their  baskets. Naget sent them out for us right away!" - Alex, CEO Arbeit Software.