Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

How it All Started:

30 years ago I bought my first new car, a Ford Escort. The salesman was nice, but that’s not why I remember him. I remember him because every year I would receive a card from him. A simple, hand written note from him, just reaching out and wishing me well. How amazing is that?

That simple act of appreciation and kindness built a business relationship beyond the sale itself. It allowed us to connect with each other on a human level...and because of that, I’ve sent more business his way then I can count. Not because I feel like I have to, but because I genuinely want to.

Why Choose Us?

Business retention starts with sincere kindness and gratitude.

We truly believe that getting back to the basics of showing how much you appreciate your clients, residents or employees is the first step to building a sincere business relationship.

Here at Simply Yours Gifts & Specialty baskets, we make specialty gifts & baskets that help you connect with the people you appreciate the most.

Our job is to make your clients feel special and appreciated by every gift we make.

How it Works:

It is simple, but true...appreciation is good business.

Many of our clients order in quantity so that they have a gift right at their fingertips when needed. When they run low they reorder. This is convenient for Luxury Apartments, Photographers, Realtors, Insurance agents and anyone in business who deals in renewals, referrals and sales.

We also have clients who order gifts at special times for their customers. It all depends on what you need! We're always open to new suggestions, and we absolutely love doing custom orders as well. Have questions? Email us at: simplyyoursbaskets@gmail.com



"We are a large luxury apartment community and have used Simply Yours Gifts and Specialty Baskets for quite a few years as the supplier of our Welcome Gift Baskets for new residents. Making a great first impression is everything to us and I can't imagine going to anyone else for this service. Naget even had our name burned into a wooden cheese cutting board she features in the cooking book basket. Talk about going above and beyond! Thank you Simply Yours for making us feel as special as we want our residents to feel"

- Cheryl



About Naget:

Hi! I'm Naget Villafranca, owner, creative director, official basket designer, and delivery extraordinaire of Simply Yours Gifts and Specialty Baskets. I started this business back in 2012 when I realized that there were not many affordable gift options for people in  business. So, Simply Yours was born, based on the sole idea of connecting businesses with it's customers and clients on another level.

Simply Yours Gifts & Specialty Baskets is a Women Owned + Operated Business that supports the local business community. We started with no clients, no revenue and two children in college (plus one headed that way) and now, with great appreciation to my clients, we are celebrating our 6th year in business. So thank you, thank you to my past and future clients. We will always strive to give our very best to you.

Appreciation goes a long way, especially in business.

Simply Yours Gifts & Specialty Baskets typically works with Luxury Apartment Contractors, Property Managers, Creatives, Realtors, Insurance agents, Software Companies and anyone in business who deals in renewals, referrals and sales.


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